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What's Up With That?
What's Goin On?
21st-Dec-2014 01:19 pm
Glowing World
In her article on 12.17.14, titled Pope played crucial role in US-Cuba rapprochement, Nicole Winfield exposes the stealthy practices of Pope Francis in regard to US – Cuba relations. Other news sources state that “The pope’s secret role in the back-channel talks was crucial…” The pope is supposed to be a spiritual leader to millions around the world. How does that include inserting himself in world politics?
It is interesting to note that “Such Holy See interventionism harks back to the papacy of St. John Paul II, who is credited with having helped bring down communism in his native Poland by encouraging the Solidarity movement.”
This type of papal “intervention” or manipulation is not new.  Throughout history popes have manipulated the world affairs under the guise of “building bridges”.  Just about all American presidents have had an audience with the Popes for decades.  All of these meetings take place behind closed doors and immediately after, we witness important world events.


Make no mistake about it the Vatican is stealthily controlling world affairs behind the scenes – or should we say under her skirt?  Come and I will show you the great whore … with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication… And I saw a woman sit upon a blood stained beast.  (RV 17:1-3) Why does she ride on the back of the beast?  It is necessary to do so in order to intervene and direct its’ moves.  This is the fornication spoken of in the book of Revelation.
25th-Dec-2014 08:53 pm (UTC)
Another ulterior motive of the Vatican to encourage relaxed relations with Cuba has to be pointed out here. In sharp contrast to the prevailing attitude of the Cuban government towards them in the past half century, the policy change allows the RCC access to 11 million Cuban citizens, of which 60% already claim to be catholic. They have even negotiated themselves permission to restore an existing church and build 2 more as part of this deal. After all, all whores expect payment for their services...even the Great Whore.
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