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WHO Says Monsanto Herbicide Is 'Probably Carcinogenic.' Are They Right? 
2nd-Apr-2015 05:28 pm
Glowing World
The World Health Organization has come out with a decision stating that glyphosate; the active ingredient in Roundup is “probably carcinogenic”. The data indicates that here is a link between lung cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and this chemical. The article also points out that San Diego is currently suing Monsanto for polluting the San Diego Bay with PCBs. Monsanto has been blamed for the dwindling of the Monarch butterfly population in North America as well as the suicides of about 270,000 farmers in India.

In her article, Monsanto’s GMOs and Toxic Chemicals, Saratonin 864 quotes Einstein as saying, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live." If this happens, Monsanto would be to blame. What else is Monsanto and their backers responsible for? Let’s take a look…

Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT
In an article dated back to December 23, 2014 the author points out that Stephanie Seneff, PhD, after decades of study has shown a correlation between the uses of Roundup, GMO crop seeds and the rising rates or autism. Dr. Seneff’s research has also found a connection between applications of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) and deaths from senility. Therefore, Monsanto – the manufacturer of Roundup - is not only poisoning our children and causing an epidemic of autism, but is also killing the brains of our parents and grandparents.

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?  From the beginning of life to the end of it, this monster is killing the population.  How can they get away with that?  This article goes on to point out that there’s a “special relationship” between Monsanto and the USDA. Just to clarify, the United States Department of Agriculture is the federal executive department responsible for  assuring food safety, protect natural resources, and end hunger in the United States and internationally.  What the heck is the USDA doing in bed with Monsanto???
Listen to this:
   “This month, the USDA released a study finding that although there were detectable levels of pesticide residue in more than half of food tested by the agency, 99% of samples taken were found to be within levels the government deems safe, and 40% were found to have no detectable trace of pesticides at all. The USDA added, however, that due to “cost concerns,” it did not test for residues of glyphosate. Let’s repeat that: they never tested for the active ingredient in the most widely used herbicide in the world. “Cost concerns”? How absurd—unless they mean it will cost them too much in terms of the special relationship between the USDA and Monsanto. You may recall the revolving door between Monsanto and the federal government, with agency officials becoming high-paying executives—and vice versa! Money, power, prestige: it’s all there. Monsanto and the USDA love to scratch each others’ backs. Clearly this omission was purposeful.”

Not only is the USDA in bed with Monsanto, but The President of The United States, Barak Obama joined the party in 2013 when he signed what critics called “The Monsanto Protection Act.  “The provision protects genetically modified seeds from litigation suits over health risks posed by the crops’ consumption.” This article By Lindsey Boerma CBS News March 28, 2013, 2:13 PM entitled Critics slam Obama for "protecting" Monsanto points that out.

But this party wouldn’t be complete without the guest of honor; Francis wouldn’t miss this for the world. Also in 2013, an Al Jazeera article states: " A 2009 Wiki-Leaks cable from the US embassy in the Holy See reports that "Vatican officials remain largely supportive of genetically modified crops as a vehicle for protecting the environment while feeding the hungry …”

Amazing! They are destroying the environment and using as a pretense the plight of feeding the poor.  Judas Iscariot also had a pretense of feeding the poor.
It is no wonder that Vatican officials support feeding the hungry poisonous food.  This is an organization which has been abusing children for hundreds of years.  Would they give a second thought to poisoning them?
Then in June 2014, the article, The Vatican's Support of Genetically Modified Organisms by Christina Sarich States:

“That’s right – the so-called ‘holy men’ of the church believe that GMOs should be planted everywhere...

“Pope Benedict, when addressing leaders at the World Food Summit, urged the acceptance of genetically modified organisms. In the same speech he urged the recovery of environmentally degraded lands as a means to protect food viability, but completely ignored the fact that we now use 6500% more of Monsanto’s glyphosate since 1991 to grow food, admitted openly by the USDA. In 2010, alone more than 91,200 tons (1 rail car holds approximately 100 tons) of glyphosate was poured onto corn, cotton and soy crops. We are all eating poison – not food.”

“The Vatican is nothing but a money laundering, fraudulent and corrupt institution that has molested children and trafficked human beings – what would stop them from siphoning off some of that biotech money for the bishops running the scam? Of course they won’t admit to that publicly. It is up to us to read between the lines, and siphon out the truth. Monsanto’s interests reach deep into governments and organizations everywhere, and this includes the Pontiff’s own.””
Why is the Vatican involved in Genetically Modified food, and also interested in defending the interest of this monstrous Monsanto Corporation?  Aren’t they supposed to be the keepers of the flock, and protect them?  Maybe it’s because from the beginning of Monsanto the Vatican has been involved.  The Founder of Monsanto John f. Queeny was a Knight of Malta.

“According to the Count in Venice, John Francis Queeny—founder of The Monsanto Company—was a Knight of Malta.  Irish-American Roman Catholic Queeny (1859-1933) founded the company in 1901 within the Jesuit stronghold of St. Lewis…”
Some of the dirty deeds of Monsanto through the years are:

  • Saccharin – a carcinogen

  • DDT – It’s use was banned in 1972

  • Agent Orange - used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War causing many birth defects, cancers and deaths. 

  • “… contained a highly-toxic chemical known as dioxin, and the suit claimed that hundreds of veterans had suffered permanent damage because of the chemical. In 1984 Monsanto and seven other manufacturers agreed to a $180 million settlement just before the trial began.”

  • Bovine Growth Hormone – poisoning the food chain.

  • Bovine Somatotropin (BST) – used to increase milk production in cows, it causes mastitis (pus milk)

  • Aspartame – the “artificial sweetener” which has been found to be a neuro-toxin and causes brain tumors

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) - Potent carcinogens implicated in reproductive, developmental and immune system disorders, they also affect the nervous system and endocrine system.

  • The Manhattan Project - During WWII Monsanto was involved in the project to develop the atom bomb

  • Cyclamate – a low-calorie artificial sweetener which was pulled off the marked because of its association with cancer.

  • Cycle-Safe – a soft-drink bottle taken off the market after it is suspected of posing a cancer risk

This is only a short list of the atrocities committed by this monster while enjoying the endorsement of the, the United States Government and the Vatican. 
It is clear that Monsanto, the United States Government and the Vatican are in bed together – benefiting at the cost of millions of innocent lives.  From the smallest unsuspecting children to the oldest members of our society, they have no regard for human life. 

In the book or Revelation there is a whore spoken of which rides on the back of a blood stained beast directing it’s moves.  They are full of the blood of all who have died as a result of their manufactured poison. This whore that sits on seven hills has been there from the beginning of this monstrous company – Monsanto, and continues to endorse their criminal activities. 

Get away from her, and keep your children away from this poison!
“The serpents are your leaders and their poison is their ways”  DSS  They are the sons of Cain and they think God doesn’t see them.
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